August 11, 2021

The Development of Ninshido

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Ninshido - Past, Present and Future

In 2019 an academic presentation titled "Ninshido: The New paradigm of the Order of Shinobi Samurai" was made by Kazuhiro Aizawa and Kiyomi Shibata (The NPO Musashi Order of Shinobi Samurai), at the 4th annual convention of the International Ninja Research Association in Nagano in 2019. 

According to Mansenshukai (Bansenshukai), the shinobi's ethics was "seishin" (正心 right-mindedness), which encouraged the shinobi to be loyal to their feudal clients and not to use their arts for themselves. But this was not enough for the shinobsamurai to serve the shogunate, as "seishin" could be used as justifications of arbitrary conducts. 

Musashi Ninja Clan - Honjin Dojo in Shibakoen

Gakumon Ginmi (学問吟味) - 1792

With the introduction of the Gakumon Ginmi (学問吟味) recruitment exams in 1792 by the shogunate, it is obvious that examinees who took the examinations acquired knowledge of how to govern society and ethical norms based on Confucianism and neo-Confucianism.

Those ideas were combined with the old shinobi mindsets that new ninshi philosophical ideas started to develop emphasizing on neo-Confucianist virtues. This took place before the introduction of Bushido by Nitobe Inazo. 

Musashi Ninja Clan - Honjin Dojo in Shibakoen

Kyohmei (共鳴), Mizu kagami (水鏡), Gorin ninpo (五輪忍法) and ku (空) - 1989

In 1989, the fundamental philosophy was named Kyohmei (共鳴 Empathetic Resonance) and Mizu kagami (水鏡 Water Mirror), and the ultimate purpose of the members training was to be one with ku (空 large universe) or “無我 no-self”. 

The order maintains that ninshido has evolved and has adapted to changes that the ninshi traditions have survived to this date. 

The ninshido has constructed an effective and practical educational system to teach a collection of strategies called "Gorin ninpo (五輪忍法) and the Kyohmei guideline". 

Weapons - Musashi Ninja Clan - Honjin Dojo in Shibakoen

Through training in the order, the ninshi candidates efficiently learn to integrate their mental and physical strengths, which will cultivate the ninshi's inner fortitude to be equanimous under any circumstance.

The ninshi education helps to develop a more positive shinobi paradigm in the world as well as to help mold members personalities. The timeless ninshi wisdom can be effectively utilized in this modern age.

October 28, 2021
What is important for us?

When people say, “Thank God, things turned out all right.” The comment makes the shinobi smile, when the shinobi were the ones who worked and could manipulate a given situation so that peaceful outcome would be achieved. The shinobi observe and when necessary intervene without getting noticed. The ninjutsu the shinobi used is what we […]

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October 28, 2021
Our ninjutsu

Dear Shinobishu, though we use sword fighting kata when we explain our ninjutsu, please be sure to know that we don’t think martial arts are the essential part of ninjutsu. Our ninjutsu has been the techniques to get information and stay alive to report them to the clan headquarters so that the Jonin (上忍) can […]

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October 28, 2021
Shibata mission in France

Shibata mission The Shibata mission was sent in July 1865 by the shogunate to France and England. This delegation was led by the special commissioner, Shibata Takenaka (柴田 剛中, February 27, 1823 – August 24, 1877). The mission sent to France had several objectives. Shibata visited the Toulon shipyard, and negotiated with the French government […]

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