August 20, 2021

How to start your Shugyo with us

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Dear Shinobishu and Ninjashu

Many of you may need some explanations how to get started in your shugyo with us. Shugyo means determined training that fosters enlightenment, or deep body-mind training.

We ask our members to write reports upon entering our order. So far many remain quiet. Unless you communicate with us, we cannot tell who is really interested in becoming a real member. We don't consider quiet members as shinobi. So we call them ninja, which means a fan in our understanding.

Kyuohmei Mizukagami

We value your explanations with your own words, not things we can find in books or copies from Internet articles. Pictures can be copied, but what you write needs to be original. They don't need to be long. Write 5 sentences for each place you introduce.

Most of the members may not be paying attention when we write things in the discussion part of the page. But careful people are watching. They give us reports (feedbacks).

Those who respond to our requests will start to have separate sessions. We will send them the video URLs. Then one can study very basics by watching them. Meanwhile we can make preparations to give video conferences.

We train with Kawakami Jin ichi-sensei once in a while. He works with the Japan NInja Council. They have a program called Nindo. We know that the members of the Council don't have any love for ninjas, except for one person, Takamaru. He is one of us.

As Takamaru has been working hard to organize the NIndo Program, we cooperate with him and Kawakami-sensei in making the Nindo program. This covers the very basic ninjutsu. This ninjutsu is not comprised of martial art techniques.

Ninjutsu is a technique to control balances of things or harmony. This is expressed with a phrase 忍即和 Nin soku Wa. (Ninjutsu namely harmony)

For the people who have just joined our order as ninja, we introduce to you, the entry level ninjutsu, equivalent to the Nindo 2nd kyu contents: Kujikiri, introductory ninja breathing, hearing, tasting and so forth. I asked one of our long-time members to produce videos. (We don't mean to ask you to take the nindo exams of In'nin or yonin. )

What we introduce to you are not exactly the things tested in the 2nd kyu. But we have our own versions of the techniques and training, so a couple of our moderators are going to share ours with you. All of them are very easy. They may be the famous techniques, but I have to ask you not to share them with the people outside the order.

There's always possibilities for secret teachings to be leaked.

So that's why we have to get to know each of you. Our order has been built on relationships of trust and we intend to keep the order as it has been.

By the time many of you finish your 5th report (Shinobi level) we will have started to give you our idea of Gorin, which is the basic principle of our philosophy by videos and video conferencing. We can show you things according to our curricula of our system. We can discuss things and take questions. By the way out of 5, 1 report needs include some thing Japnese.

After you acquire the knowledge, we'll ask you to present what you have acquired in you own way.

If you are a martial artist, we will ask you to show us your waza and explain them in terms of our ninjutsu techniques, when you have a video session with us. The art doesn't need to be Japanese traditional. The matter is whether you know the principles and can demonstrate it. If you are an expert of other field, then we ask you how you utilize the ninjutsu in your field. When you can start to use the principles at your place, you become a real shinobi.

For the people who want to use our name to run a dojo, we'll have a contract.

At certain level of the curricula we may start to charge fees as the Japanese members pay the membership. We'll discuss this with our board members and the transnational Onmitsu Shihai (Commanders) of this order in the future.

October 28, 2021
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